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Exodus Electric is Providing You Power For Life!

Exodus Electric chose the slogan "Providing You Power For Life" because it encompasses the most important reasons as to why we exist as an electrical contracting business. 

We are Providing You Power For Life because we understand that lives are indeed at stake when it comes to the electrical industry. There are more than 700 deaths and 3,000 injuries every year caused by electrical system failure and work performed by unqualified electricians. You will never find any of our technicians taking short cuts or violating any local or national electrical codes to make a cheap dollar. Life Safety issues are our #1 concern when performing any type of electrical services for our customers. We offer the power you need to keep you and your family safe!

We are Providing You With Power For Life by offering you the power to choose a company that has tremendous knowledge pertaining to the electrical industry. Our seasoned electricians are trained to quickly troubleshoot electrical problems and faults, giving you the power to save both time and money!

Last but not least we are Providing You With Power For Life because we hold to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or we'll fix it for free policy. Exodus Electric exists to provide you with top notch customer first service with no exceptions. Whether we are providing you with a standby generator install, an energy audit, repair, lighting, or one of our many other electrical services we hope to form a valuable relationship and to Provide Your Electrical Services For Life!


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24 Hours a day / 7 Days a Week           
Exodus Electric provides true 24 hour emergency electrical service. When you have an electrical emergency, you need a qualified electrician or electrical contractor fast - not tomorrow, not next week. Other electricians may promise they can provide emergency rapid-response service, but . . . we can actually do it! This means that you can rely upon our experience, expertise, and integrity to get the job done right, the first time and at a competitive price. Safety is our #1 Priority!


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Generator News
dec_14_building_products_generac.jpg - 39.11 Kb                                           

Generac Guardian Series were featured in the Special International Builders’ Show

New improvements to the Generac Guardian Series were featured in the Special International Builders’ Show edition of Nation’s Building News. To read more, please click here. Special International Builders' Show edition of Nation’s Building News, the official newsletter of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
Security Lights

Studies have shown brightly lit buildings help deter burglars and vandals and help us feel safe. Criminals target places where they cannot be seen which is why the National Counsil on Crime Prevention encourages homeowners to, "illuminate or eliminate places an intruder might hide: the places between trees or shrubbery, stairwells, alleys, hallways, and entryways."

Electrical Safety

Why do I Need an Electrical Safety Checkup?

  • Maintain Safety in Operation
  • Insurance Agencies May Require a Risk Assessment Inspection
  • Find and Correct Safety Hazards
  • Save Energy and Cut Costs
  • Peace of Mind

What to Expect from the Electrical Safety Inspection
One of Exodus Electric's qualified electricians will visit your home or business and thoroughly examine your entire electrical system. A detailed written checklist will be filled out and given to you on site.  Our electrical safety checkup includes any areas that need immediate attention, recommendations for improvements and potential upgrade possibilities for your home or business needs.



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